Runner Survey: 187 responses from runners in 2013

How many times have you run the Great Bay Half Marathon?

How scenic is the Great Bay Half Marathon?

How challenging are the hills on the Great Bay Half Marathon?

How does your time compare on the course compated to others?

How likely are you to run the Great Bay Half Marathon next year?

What is your favorite part of the Great Bay Half Marathon?

As sick as it is to say, it’s the hills that make this enjoyable. I, I’m sure among others, love to challenge my body. This is a perfect race to start the running season off with a bang. (Kevin Barrett)

Bay view and finishing downtown! (Richard Gambale)

Beautiful views, great entertainment, fantastic energy. Had a blast! (Katherine Lewis)
Can I say belly dancers?  Music was good.    Dirt road is nice.    Beer party was awesome. (Rebecca Harvey)

Dame Road. It’s nice running the dirt road with no traffic in a beautiful natural setting. (Tom Downing)

Downtown finish, lots of spirit on the course (Kristie Morris)

Durham Point Road before Moody Point AND beer at the end!! (Jean Manning)

Finishing!!! With a cheering crowd to greet you! (Elizabeth Macblane)
Great scenery excellent volunteers and very very well organized (Heidi Duehmig)
Great vibe, fun people, lots of local support and water stations.  Can’t think of another race with a hulahooping banjo player on top of a car.  And I did lose some time taking in the scenery at the Moody point turnaround (and it wasn’t the Bay we were looking at). (Carrie Winn)

I like all the hills!  They’re relentless!  I’m never looking to run world record-setting times, so I’m out there in good fun, and it’s a great challenge.  I also like the downtown finish–last time I ran it was before the finish was changed, and the high school was more of a “blah” finishing spot.  Downtown is much more “alive.” (Elizabeth Franceschini)
I love running on the dirt road through the  woods. It’ nice to see mostly unspoiled areas. (William Durbin)

I love the timing during the Spring…going out for a long run with comrades over a beautiful course, challenging myself to doing the distance every Spring, and finishing downtown where I can enjoy a free beer before heading home to relax. (Cherlyann Holman)

I LOVED all the support from everyone, official volunteers and the people outside their houses. From the musicians, bellydancers, and volunteers at water stations, everyone was always ready with a smile and a word of encouragement. As a new (and therefore slower) runner, that meant a lot to me, especially knowing that by the time I reached each person, most of the other participants had already gone by. I know it can be hard to drum up some enthusiasm when you’ve already cheered so many people on, but I was continually impressed with the continuous encouragement. (Melanie Farbotko)
I loved the variety of the course -hills, flat, views of the woods, Great Bay, the river and downtown! (Maria Kempner)

It’s a great way to show off our town (Tom Frost)

It’s a toss-up between the belly dancers and the beer! Can the dancers serve beer??? The race would definitely end early.    Honestly though, the favorite part is the course. Wish I could have done the race again this year, but it conflicted with a National Guard drill weekend. Will definitely be back though.    Cheers (Dan McCombs)

Love the downhill finish with the crowds cheering! (Patricia Gavin)
Newmarket! (Trish Siplon)

Overall, just a great experience and I can’t really pinpoint why (especially with those hills). I didn’t think about anything the whole race (water stops, portapotty locations, start/finish), which means that everything was done well (usually if I have to think about one of those things, it’s because I’m frustrated!). Great planning and course support, and the route, while hilly, was really enjoyable. I was also impressed with the 8 min/mile pacer. Not sure if they were all as dead on as he was, but pacers can be hit or miss and he was totally a hit. Thank you. (Deanna Fortier)

Running by the bay was fantastic (Jenn Monroe)

The challenge! (Daryle Lamoureux)

The dirt road is sort of like an intermission, very enjoyable and often feel like you have the road to yourself. (Steve Schindler)

The dirt road was fantastic!  There really were so many highlights that I can’t just pick one…great to run thru the city; great finish; great after party; and great spectators.  Very well run event! (Andy Nagelin)

The downhill finish. Even when you feel you’ve nothing left to give, you summon up the strength to look good for the crowds and smile at the finish! (Debra Demeule)
The scenery. First rural route I’ve run for a half — and I loved it! (Kacy Belleville)

The volunteers are absolutely fantastic. Their work is so under appreciated. THANK YOU!!! (Cammie Hunt)

Very easy access to parking etc…lots of aid stations with gatorade and gels. Very well marked. Overall a great organized race! (David Callaghan)